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“Girl, I Love You” [the playlist]

“Girl, I Love You” is named after a song by Massive Attack, but this playlist is an atmospheric and moody one. I also really lucked out that each song has a wildly appropriate music video (was I actually writing a story to explain the… Continue Reading ““Girl, I Love You” [the playlist]”

Our Horror Heroines, Our Selves

It’s Women in Horror month, and when I think of “women in horror,” I think of one of my go-to answers for why I write horror: because I think there’s a lot more room in horror for the kind of female characters I love… Continue Reading “Our Horror Heroines, Our Selves”

my kind of scream queen

I’ve always thought horror to be one of the more welcoming¬†milieus for women, despite looking like a landscape that’s not welcoming to anyone (and American horror movies unfortunately remain unwelcoming to American minorities). ¬†There’s a lot of room for subversion in horror – even… Continue Reading “my kind of scream queen”