She Said Destroy

ssd-cov300My debut collection, She Said Destroy, was released on August 20 from Word Horde. Featuring 13 stories, including one original:

Intertropical Convergence Zone
The Five Stages of Grief
And When She Was Bad
Only Unity Saves the Damned
Red Goat, Black Goat
Seven Minutes in Heaven
Girl, I Love You
Endless Life
Violet is the Color of Your Energy
Truth is Order and Order is Truth
Absolute Zero
No Gods, No Masters

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Survival-centric, morally curious… horror is, in its pure form, much less common. I found it, though, in a few stories in Nadia Bulkin’s striking debut collection, SHE SAID DESTROY. Some of her pieces, like “Intertropical Convergence Zone” and “The Five Stages of Grief,” examine political oppression and the terrible choices it imposes. And those are distinctly horror tales of the “What threatens your existence and what will you do to get through?” variety, with a coldly angry 21st-century edge. – New York Times

“Bulkin takes roads less traveled, uncovering the things that squirm in the dark while daring readers to look away. There are visceral elements, but she doesn’t need to rely on blood and gore to convey a sense of horror, and haunting, lyrical prose elevates these sterling tales. Bulkin serves up cerebral horror with plenty of bite.” – Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Horror is best when it’s at an extreme that has nothing to do with levels of gore. Great horror happens when a story reveals some profoundly personal truth or when it reflects something ugly we can recognize on a broad, systemic scale. Nadia Bulkin writes what she describes as “socio-political horror” and it colors many of the stories in a debut collection that will surely be recognized as one of the year’s sharpest.” – Tor

“The impetus and sheer ferocity of some of the tales is balanced with a focus on personalities and relationships, quite a few of them in small-town American settings, but this is not quiet horror in the low-key, narrow-focus, down-tempo sense… The locales range from Indonesia in the period of the mass killings of the mid-1960s, to Japan, to redneck country. The monsters and menaces are correspondingly diverse, and horrible.” – Metaphysical Circus

“Nadia Bulkin’s thirteen stories are as diverse in their themes as they are in their settings, yet they piece together excellently to showcase her skills. Their often grotesque imagery is the stuff of nightmares, but, at the same time, they are impossible to stop reading. Bulkin’s enormous imagination is on full display here: trippy, nightmarish, and unforgettable.” – Foreword Reviews

“If you like cerebral speculative horror rooted in the world’s faults, this collection is for you.” – Diabolique Magazine

She Said Destroy features tales of dictators, ghosts, family curses, monsters, and stolen children — just the kind of stuff any adventurous reader needs.” – Unbound Worlds

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