Non-Fiction, Etc.

Sea Control 116 – Indonesia, A History of Violence and Horror Fiction (Center for International Maritime Security podcast), 2016

Women in Horror Month (Lovecraft eZine show), 2016

“The Postwar Child’s Guide to Survival” – The Battle Royale Slam Book, 2014, Haikasoru, ed. Nick Mamatas

“Thailand, Unraveling” with Vikram Nehru (Milken Review), 2014

“Indonesia Must Rise to Strengthen ASEAN” with Vikram Nehru (Nikkei Asian Review), 2014

Bad Girls Go To Hell: On Shirley Jackson (Innsmouth Free Press), 2013

Beyond The Act of Killing: Indonesia and the Price of National Unity (The Diplomat), 2013

Constructing the National Project: Toward Democratic Nationalism in Indonesia (American University M.A. Thesis), 2013

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