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Women in Horror Month

Enter, you. You’re a writer. You’re a horror writer. You’re a woman.

Damaged People

Today I want to talk about some differences I have seen between TV shows created by women and TV shows created by men. I’m going to be using the example of two shows with a similar premise: Stranger Things, and The OA.

Black Mirror [Season 3]

Despite being a show about “the horrors of technology,” the best thing about Black Mirror has always been its compassion for its characters and its exquisite articulations of psychological pain – things that transcend technology.

Black Mirror [Season 1]

Brooker’s overall statement about the hazards of technology is this: while empowering “the masses,” it turns people into sheeple, and sheeple into… well, carnivorous, brutish, and easily amused sheeple.

my kind of scream queen

I’ve always thought horror to be one of the more welcoming milieus for women, despite looking like a landscape that’s not welcoming to anyone (and American horror movies unfortunately remain unwelcoming to American minorities).  There’s a lot of room for subversion in horror – even… Continue Reading “my kind of scream queen”

dearly departed

“Everything Dies Baby” is now live at Strange Horizons. Besides the Bruce Springsteen song “Atlantic City,” I’d also like to point to “Behind Closed Doors,” the brilliant episode of Air Crash Investigation that spawned this story. Put your makeup on Fix your hair up… Continue Reading “dearly departed”