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Black Mirror [Season 3]

Despite being a show about “the horrors of technology,” the best thing about Black Mirror has always been its compassion for its characters and its exquisite articulations of psychological pain – things that transcend technology.

The Best Story I Have Read This Year

Well, it’s from 2005.  In my defense, I was graduating high school then and definitely not reading The New Yorker.  But I digress: “Commcomm” by George Saunders.  It won the World Fantasy Award.  You will laugh and you will cry.  It’s like Catch-22, but with… Continue Reading “The Best Story I Have Read This Year”

Recommended Essay

“Man vs. Corpse,” by Zadie Smith, at New York Review of Books: It’s argued that the gap between this local care and distant indifference is a natural instinct. Natural or not, the indifference grows, until we approach a point at which the conceptual gap between… Continue Reading “Recommended Essay”

recommended fiction

recommended fiction “The Beasts of the Earth, the Madness of Men,” by Brooke Bolander, at Nightmare