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“Lucky You” is up at Ideomancer.  Editor Leah Bobet’s description of the story is very generous and totally apropos to what I was trying to do – regardless of whether or not I succeeded: “breaks the world and then draws us through to the… Continue Reading “postbellum”

spatial concentration

My story “Pugelbone,” which won the recent ChiZine Short Story Contest, is now live as part of the October-December issue.  As I said before, this was the story based on a dream I had in China.  Here’s the beginning: I was born in the Warren,… Continue Reading “spatial concentration”

marine biology

Sze Tsung Leong: Sea of Marmara “Lake Tahoe’s Lover” is now up at Fantasy Magazine!  It’s been waiting there for a year, but I still love this story.  A little more romantic/whimsical than most of what I write, but blame it on the Hudson… Continue Reading “marine biology”

game theory

Alec Soth: “West Point” “Intertropical Convergence Zone” was nominated for a Shirley Jackson award in the short story category.  Obviously it’s amazing and wonderful to get this kind of recognition.  Results are in July, although I am absolutely not hoping for anything.  It’s a… Continue Reading “game theory”

collateral damage

Nick Brandt: Zebras Crossing Lake, Ngorongoro Crater 2000 “On The Island” has been accepted by Cezanne’s Carrot. Something different, but the story’s also something different, and it’s been through quite a few drafts, so I’m pleased it’s seeing the light of day. I edited… Continue Reading “collateral damage”

democratic peace theory

Annika Aschberg: Cambodia Just had a story accepted, wonderfully, by ChiZine.  It’s called “Intertropical Convergence Zone” and it’s based very loosely on G-30-S (Gerakan 30 September, or the 30th of September Movement).  Indonesian children know what I’m talking about.  American kids have Paul Revere. … Continue Reading “democratic peace theory”


Denise Grünstein I just had a story accepted at Fantasy Magazine Online, which is amazing. Secret: this story’s a reject. It won’t be out until next summer but really, what does it matter. I’m nervous about the size of their readership and propensity to… Continue Reading “sortilège”


“Blind Spot” is up at Postcards From…  It’s from the Woody End, not Hell, which I am somewhat glad for, as I don’t really consider myself a horror writer.  Although I think mine is the “futuristic horror fantasy”.  That is pretty much what my… Continue Reading “deconstructivism”

ecological footprint

“The Five Stages of Grief” is up at Three-lobed Burning Eye. Michael Garlington: The Fishmonger’s Daughter I wish I could fish. This picture reminds me of Spearfish, South Dakota. I love the Black Hills insanely – Spearfish, Deadwood, the Black Hills National Forest, Wind… Continue Reading “ecological footprint”

modernization theory

I was born in 1987, but I wasn’t born in Paris. Jean Pascal Imsand: Paris, 1987. She came into the room Didn’t know her name How I danced inside No one to confide In the darkest winter I made a sound like a long… Continue Reading “modernization theory”