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“Wish You Were Here” [the playlist]

There’s not a lot more I have to say about “Wish You Were Here” that I didn’t already tell Christian Coleman in my interview – he even asked about the inevitable playlist. So I’ll just share the full list – a mix of tongue-in-cheek commentary… Continue Reading ““Wish You Were Here” [the playlist]”

“There is a Bear in the Woods” [the playlist]

“There is a Bear in the Woods” is named after a Ronald Reagan campaign ad, from 1984. It’s a classic in high-strategy fear-mongering, and I recommend watching it while listening to the soundtrack to The Witch, for full horrific effect. My story, “There is a… Continue Reading ““There is a Bear in the Woods” [the playlist]”

“Violet is the Color of Your Energy” [The Playlist]

As is appropriate for a story that’s a reworking of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space,” “Violet is the Color of Your Energy” is named after two songs centered on color: 311’s laidback, beachy “Amber,” and Hole’s angry, feminist “Violet.” I doubt that MRA… Continue Reading ““Violet is the Color of Your Energy” [The Playlist]”

“Seven Minutes in Heaven” [The Playlist]

“Seven Minutes in Heaven” is named, of course, after the terrible suburban teenager party game. Like my protagonist-narrator, I never played this game. Despite going to middle school and high school in Middle America (Nebraska), I always felt like too much of an outsider… Continue Reading ““Seven Minutes in Heaven” [The Playlist]”

“Girl, I Love You” [the playlist]

“Girl, I Love You” is named after a song by Massive Attack, but this playlist is an atmospheric and moody one. I also really lucked out that each song has a wildly appropriate music video (was I actually writing a story to explain the… Continue Reading ““Girl, I Love You” [the playlist]”

“Only Unity Saves the Damned” [the playlist]

The first thing I do when I get a new kernel of a story is start compiling a playlist for it. I don’t know if I could write without music; it’s a huge source of atmospheric and linguistic inspiration, and quite frankly, I name… Continue Reading ““Only Unity Saves the Damned” [the playlist]”


“Lucky You” is up at Ideomancer.  Editor Leah Bobet’s description of the story is very generous and totally apropos to what I was trying to do – regardless of whether or not I succeeded: “breaks the world and then draws us through to the… Continue Reading “postbellum”

dearly departed

“Everything Dies Baby” is now live at Strange Horizons. Besides the Bruce Springsteen song “Atlantic City,” I’d also like to point to “Behind Closed Doors,” the brilliant episode of Air Crash Investigation that spawned this story. Put your makeup on Fix your hair up… Continue Reading “dearly departed”

marine biology

Sze Tsung Leong: Sea of Marmara “Lake Tahoe’s Lover” is now up at Fantasy Magazine!  It’s been waiting there for a year, but I still love this story.  A little more romantic/whimsical than most of what I write, but blame it on the Hudson… Continue Reading “marine biology”

collateral damage

Nick Brandt: Zebras Crossing Lake, Ngorongoro Crater 2000 “On The Island” has been accepted by Cezanne’s Carrot. Something different, but the story’s also something different, and it’s been through quite a few drafts, so I’m pleased it’s seeing the light of day. I edited… Continue Reading “collateral damage”