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spatial concentration

My story “Pugelbone,” which won the recent ChiZine Short Story Contest, is now live as part of the October-December issue.  As I said before, this was the story based on a dream I had in China.  Here’s the beginning: I was born in the Warren,… Continue Reading “spatial concentration”

democratic peace theory

Annika Aschberg: Cambodia Just had a story accepted, wonderfully, by ChiZine.  It’s called “Intertropical Convergence Zone” and it’s based very loosely on G-30-S (Gerakan 30 September, or the 30th of September Movement).  Indonesian children know what I’m talking about.  American kids have Paul Revere. … Continue Reading “democratic peace theory”

ecological footprint

“The Five Stages of Grief” is up at Three-lobed Burning Eye. Michael Garlington: The Fishmonger’s Daughter I wish I could fish. This picture reminds me of Spearfish, South Dakota. I love the Black Hills insanely – Spearfish, Deadwood, the Black Hills National Forest, Wind… Continue Reading “ecological footprint”