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Women in Horror Month

Enter, you. You’re a writer. You’re a horror writer. You’re a woman.

Damaged People

Today I want to talk about some differences I have seen between TV shows created by women and TV shows created by men. I’m going to be using the example of two shows with a similar premise: Stranger Things, and The OA.

A Walking Study in Demonology

As someone who is writing her own female villain, I would like to suggest a few of the noteworthy “bad girls” that came before her and helped to inspire her – female villains that are authentically scary, violent, and arguably evil.

Our Horror Heroines, Our Selves

It’s Women in Horror month, and when I think of “women in horror,” I think of one of my go-to answers for why I write horror: because I think there’s a lot more room in horror for the kind of female characters I love… Continue Reading “Our Horror Heroines, Our Selves”


Silence of the Lambs “And When She Was Bad” is up at Nossa Morte! This story was inspired by my A Cultural History of Japanese Monsters class and our constant discussions about the archetype of the monster, and the cultural role it plays.  As… Continue Reading “backdrifts”

gender dysmorphism

Silent Hill: Lisa Garland turns “bad” Is it just me or are there not very many female horror writers? I base this on current horror magazines, sure, and my comments are more derived from paranormal horror then slasher horror, although the gender disparity holds… Continue Reading “gender dysmorphism”