The 7Q Interview: Nadia Bulkin (Brian Fatah Steele), 2019

Talking Pictures: Grotesquely Awesome (Pacific Sun), 2018

Nadia Bulkin: She Said Destroy (Lovecraft eZine show), 2018

TOD 024: Nadia Bulkin: Mechanisms of Upheaval (Outer Dark podcast), 2017

TIH 173: Nadia Bulkin on Unpacking Tropes, Japanese Horror, and Writing about Topical Themes (This is Horror podcast), 2017

TIH 172: Nadia Bulkin on Growing Up in Indonesia, Demon Myths, and Socio-Political Horror (This is Horror podcast), 2017

Psychic Rituals and Political Machinations: An Interview with Nadia Bulkin (Weird Fiction Review), 2017

Episode 184: Eating a Bullet (Miskatonic Musings podcast), 2017

Nadia Bulkin Talks Her Short Story, “Girl, I Love You” (HellNotes Deep Cuts), 2017

Fierce Destroyer: Interview with Nadia Bulkin (Gwendolyn Kiste), 2017

Sea Control 116 – Indonesia, A History of Violence and Horror Fiction (Center for International Maritime Security podcast), 2016

Women in Horror Month (Lovecraft eZine show), 2016

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