Who Is That Girl


So this is me: I write stories that I like to call “socio-political horror,” or, scary stories about the world we live in. Here, have a quote that sums up my writing aesthetic:

“Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.” – Werner Herzog


“The planet is a gunboat in a sea of fear.” – Radiohead

And this is why: Political science is my second great love, after fiction.  I have an undergraduate degree in Poli Sci (Barnard College, 2009), and an M.A. in International Politics (American University, 2013).  My focus within political science is mainly on the domestic politics of Southeast Asia – particularly legacies of colonialism, revolution, and authoritarianism, and evolving processes of democracy and nationalism.  My undergraduate senior thesis was called “Postcolonial Stress Disorder: Indonesia and the United States in the Postcolonial World.”  My M.A. thesis was called “Constructing the National Project: Toward Democratic Nationalism in Indonesia.”

I was also living in Jakarta with my parents during Reformasi in 1998.  Witness something like that and you’ll never question the impact politics can have on ordinary lives again.

To that end, I write about politicians, generals, kings and queens; the disenfranchised and the dispossessed; outcasts, clerics, and pillars of society. I write about blowback and weapons of mass destruction: ghosts and demons and witch doctors. I write about people who, through a combination of circumstances and ambitions, take a ride down the road of no return. If my oeuvre could be summed up in three songs they would probably be:

A full list – of the stories, that is – is here.

Feel free to say hello – or email me (nadia[DOT]bulkin[@]gmail[DOT]com). I don’t bite… hard.


15 thoughts on “Who Is That Girl

  1. Howdy! Read your story in ChiZine. Pretty badass. Keep it up!

  2. Justin says:

    Just read your short story “Everything Dies, Baby” on Strange Horizons. Loved it! Keep it up!

  3. anang prabowo says:

    Hi Nad

    Still remember me?
    Jakarta, Dad’s office…
    you used tobe standing on my desk

  4. Andrew F says:

    Nadia, I’m trying to get in touch with you regarding your story in Three-lobed Burning Eye magazine #17. Please contact me. -Andrew

  5. Hi Nadia, I loved your Black Apples story! Also very interested in your perspective on Indonesia. I hope we get a chance to chat at some point 🙂 – Natalia

  6. […] ominous forces with society, resulting in a subgenre of the Weird unique unto itself – what she terms socio-political horror. With a strongly feminist viewpoint reminiscent of Livia Llewellyn, a stunning eye for local detail […]

  7. Salman says:

    Halo nadia , I your far relatives from your father , my father and yours are cousins , did you ever been to pekalongan? Your father hometown

    • nadia bulkin says:

      Hello! I have been to Pekalongan a few times, very long ago. I’m glad to meet you, Salman. Are you in Indonesia?

      • Salman says:

        Yes I’m in indonesia, in semarang city, my parents still in pekalongan,when you will come to indonesia btw I’m already asked friend in your facebook, please accept ok 🙂 thanks in advance

  8. Andrey Borg says:

    Just have to say that read your “Red Goat Black Goat” story not so far and liked it 🙂
    Here’s my drawing ispired by it: https://pp.vk.me/c637223/v637223002/31748/TqoRJKm2-G0.jpg
    Wish you luck and further inspiration!

  9. Julia Suryakusuma says:

    Hi Nadia, I was also a friend of your father’s. Is he still around? Contacts please? Thank you.

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